HajOnSoft for Umrah

Use Passport Readers with WayToUmrah, Gama, Tawaf and Bab Al Umrah.

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HajonSoft Hajj

HajOnSoft for Hajj

Work with Saudi Systems in seconds.
MOFA, Ehaj, ID Card, and more!

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HajOnSoft for Hajj

HajOnSoft for Visa

Download Invitation letter, send to Enjaz

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HajonSoft Hajj

Use passport readers to read machine and visual passport information including the personal photo. We support 3M, AccessIS, ARH and Superma readers.

Customer management

Submit to MOFA/EHaj/Mokhaa or Enjaz websites at once. Photo resizes automatically and you Keep a local copy of your customers.

Automatic room assignment

Automatically assign rooms based on requests, Age, Nationality and mahram information. Send to customers and hotels.

Flights and transport management

Print Pilgrim/Mutamer ID's, bracelets, luggage tags, room labels, Hajj/Umrah applications, flight reports and passport stickers

What Can HajOnSoft Do for me?

- Capture 100% correct data to avoid the cost of visa re-issue due to wrong data or photo input, re-use the same data for ticketing, rooming, reports, ID cards, etc..

- Provide real automation of the visa issuance process thanks to the fully autmated engine within HajOnSoft that can receive USAP/MOKHAA response automatically, submit photo, receive E-Number, Visa Number and submit visa number to USAP/MOKHAA automatically when no other software in the world can. Any other software will require some manual steps to perform these tasks, only HajOnSoft can 100% fully automate them

- Capture ALL passport data (We mean ALL), No other software in the world can capture ALL the passport data, Any other software will require you to enter some data manually ex. Birth place or Civil ID. Only HajOnSoft can read Birth Place and Civil ID in addition it can read any text from the visual area of the passport.

- The only software with a dynamic Escape Mutamer engine that allows companies to share Escape Mutamer data automatically, It uses Foresnic Analysis to warn you about potential Mutamers who might Escape during their Umrah

- The only software that enhances photos automatically, even if your captured photo has a blue background, the software will replace the background with white background

- Arabic name recognition for more than 44,000+ arabic names, currently bigger than Google arabic name recognition

- Print all required consulate stickers, documents, ID cards, wristband according to your required design

- Archive all your data locally for review or export it to excel formats

- Connect all your branches in one central system with unlimited users, unlimited PC's, and unlimited locations

- Backup all your data to your HajOnSoft online account

- With HajOnSoft, you are not alone, HajOnSoft support team is available always online to help you immediately on the spot using teamviewer, Webex or Skype. any question would not take more than few minutes


What is HajOnSoft?

HajOnSoft is a software that can read passport data using any passport reader like 3M AT9000 MK2, ARH Combo Smart, AccessIS OC640, Suprema, Data Logic and Honeywell then send the captured passport data directly to Way To Umrah, Bab Al Umrah, GAMA, Tawaf, MOFA and E-haj to issue Hajj and Umrah visas. It can also capture the Mutamer or Hajj photo directly from the passport using RFID, resize the photo to comply with MOFA requirement and get E-Numbers for a whole group in only one click. It can process 500 passports per hour.

HajOnSoft is used by 3500+ travel agencies in 76 counties issuing 2 million+ visas every year. The advanced technologies of HajOnSoft will save you 95% of the visa processing time.

HajOnSoft is easy to install within minutes and its web version can be used on any operating system like Apple Macintosh MacOS, Windows, Unix and from any location

It provides you with the tools to scale your operation up and accept more travellers, hence making more money. We are sure you will love the idea of making more money and serving more travellers. HajOnSoft will do this by reducing the work load on your employees and yourself. You will probably never pay for overtime again and still accept 100 times number of travellers.

You can download HajOnSoft now and say goodbye to resizing photos, typing passport information or consulate reports.

HajOnSoft realize the need to read the visual area of the passport identification page as well as the machine readable area.

Read place of birth from visual area

Read place of issue from visual area

Read or calculate mahram name and relationship

Download chip/visual high quality person photo

You will save hours of typing because we can read any thing in the visual area of the passport identification page

Keep reading to find out why HajOnSoft is The best Scanning Software in the world ...


HajOnSoft can read visual and MRZ areas of passport in addition to downloading high quality photo

With Muhram, arabic and ID numbers capture you simply do not type any thing

Finally. The anxiety and stress you would feel every year is gone.

Time spent on administration is now cut by 90%, allowing you to focus on what is really important:

Providing a great Hajj and Umrah experience.

The sacred pilgrimage is a huge responsibility and not something to be taken lightly. If we can do our part to ensure that their trip goes smoothly, insha Allah your Hajjis and Hajjah's can focus on their Hajj with peace of mind and clearer focus.

Hajj Visa applications from beginning to end.

HajOnSoft makes visa applications a breeze, giving you more time to focus on your customers.

1 Scan

Full support for approved passport readers

(AT9000 MK2/QS1000, OCR640,CR100)

Seamless integration with the ministry approved passport readers means one scan will update your own customer records as well as prepare the visa application for submitting to MOFA/Ehaj/Mokhaa

While the passport reader reads only ICAO standard fields. Some fields need to be captured from the visual area of the passport. Once again, HajOnSoft makes it easy as it can use the full capability of the reader.

automatically fills in the required fields because it can:

  • Read birth place and issue place are captured from the visual area
  • Capture mahram information automatically
  • Passport issue date is calculated from expiry date
  • Name is automatically converted to Arabic

And easily correct the information if anything is wrong.

Watch a demo


2 Submit to MOFA/Ehaj/Mokhaa

Submit to MOFA,Ehaj, Bab Umrah, Gama, Tawaf, Way To Umrah and more with one click.

HajOnSoft submits all your customers to MOFA/Ehaj in one go, saving you hours and hours of tedious data entry on the MOFA website.

What used to take you 10 minutes, will now take you 2 seconds. And that's not even considering the hassle of resizing passport photos, which HajOnSoft does for you automatically.

By using HajOnSoft to submit to Ehaj/MOFA, you will save up to 90% of your admin time

Plus, you are not limited to Ehaj/MOFA's time limit. All your customer applications can be prepared months in advance. And when MOFA gives you access, simply submit your customers with a single click.

No more rushing. No more mistakes.

We integrate with MOFA, Ehaj, Way to Umrah, Bab Umrah, Gama, Tawaf and more

Watch a demo


3 Print

HajOnSoft can use the same high quality data ou captured to print pilgrim/mutamer Id card, send names to Amadeus and Saber for ticketing, Each of customers E Numbers is saved to their file for reference. You can then easily print off the bar-codes stickers all at once for submission with the physical forms.

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Are you ready to decrease your workload and increase sales?

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$400 per year


$800 per year


$1,200 per year


$9,500 one time