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onMOFA  HajOnSoft App Download and install HAjOnSoft App and always accept automatic updates.    

onMOFA  HajOnSoft Lite Scan passports to any website, visa, travel, etc...    

3M Reader Expo  AT9000 MK2 Download and install the software.
Instructions Video
Brochure SimpleOCX

onOCR640  OCR640 Unzip to C:\OCR640 and rename OCR640.ex_ to OCR640.exe
Instructions Video
  ASPS /full=1 Instructions

ARHARH Combo Smart Instructions Video gxsd.dat demo.ini Keyboard   Installation Manual

CR100  CR100 Instructions Video Brochure FileMaker Config

CR100 ضيوف الرحمن SQL Server Express
SQL Management Studio
anghssh89 , ANghsshMO@1989@2014

CR100  Team Viewer Download this version of Team Viewer so that we can connect to your machine and provide remote assistance

Join web ex meeting  WebEx Meeting Just click this webex icon and we will be right on your machine to provide remote assistance